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September 23, 2012
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                                    Protect You

You were six years old when you first met him.

You had been crying in the park, having escaped from some bullies who had been teasing you about how you believed in all sorts of magical things—faeries, dragons, vampires, the like. Your house was only a block away from the park and your parents were "busy" people, so they let you just wander around without a care. It took you a few years to realize that they just weren't very good parents.

Your (e/c) eyes were puffy and swollen from crying, (h/c) slightly messed up from your current position of being curled up in the tunnel on the playground equipment. The bullies had left you alone as soon as you had run away crying, luckily, and you were glad for that.

But you just wanted a friend right now. A friend who wouldn't laugh at you and call you a baby for believing in things others didn't. Just because you couldn't see it didn't mean it didn't exist, right?

"I-I j-just w-want someone w-who will b-be my friend…!" You sobbed, gasping for breath. "I-I don't w-want to be alone a-anymore…!"

"I'll be your friend."

Your head snapped up and you looked wildly around, only seeing the tunnel that surrounded you. In a choked up voice, you stuttered out, "W-Who's there?!"

"Come out of the tunnel and see."

The voice was…kind. Older. It had some weird accent to it—one you couldn't place. It sounded cool, though, and you were immediately drawn to it. Sniffling, you rubbed at your eyes and slowly, carefully crawled out of the tunnel and onto the plastic playground equipment, gazing down at the ground.

A man was there. A slightly tall, slender young man with strawberry blonde hair and wine colored eyes. He was smiling, and his skin was a little pale. On his head he wore a strange little hat, and his clothes consisted of an odd red cloak and an assortment of different colored things. He waved a little, grinning now.

"Alo, little (name). My name is Vladimir. I'm here to be your friend!"

Your eyes widened, and your lip quivered. You sniffled, shaking your head. "N-No you're not…y-you're here to laugh at me too…b-because everyone laughs at (name)…"

The man frowned, and suddenly he was kneeling beside you on the playground equipment, pulling you into his arms. You gave a little gasp in surprise as you were enfolded in warmth, pressed against his chest and listening to his heartbeat. He kissed the top of your head, holding you tightly. "Now now, little draga, don't say that…I'm your special friend, da? I promise I won't laugh at you."

"M-My…special friend?" You sniffled, gazing up at him with teary (e/c) eyes and subconsciously clutching his thick cloak.

He smiled, nodding. "Da. Your special friend. My name is Vladimir, and you are (name). I came here especially for you. Aren't you excited?" He stood up, still cradling you against his chest. "Now let's go home, draga. I need to get you cleaned up and smiling again~"

You sniffled, but you had calmed quite a lot since this strange individual—Vladimir—had taken you into his arms. You felt peaceful with him; safe. You soon found your eyelids dropping and your grip on his clothes loosening, and just like that you fell asleep, exhausted from your crying.

"Draga…(name)…you must wake up now…"

You slowly blinked awake, (e/c) eyes meeting light red ones in darkness. You froze, momentarily confused and disoriented, until you realized you were in your room and it was nighttime. You were in your bed, tucked in, and lying beside you was Vladimir. You snuggled closer, your little arms wrapped tightly around his waist, head buried against his chest. "V…Vladimir…?"

"Mm-hm," He nodded, stroking your hair and holding you with one arm. "You slept for a very long time, little one. Are you hungry?"

"But it's nighttime," You mumbled. "Mommy and Daddy say I can't eat after bedtime…"

Vladimir's arms tightened, and you winced a bit, squirming. They loosened again, and he said softly, "You don't have to listen to them with me here, (name). I'll take care of you, all right? I'll protect you. As long as you need me to."

But…Mommy and Daddy may get mad…and you didn't like it when they were angry. They would…hurt you…

…but Vladimir was nice…

"…o-okay," You mumbled, pressing closer. "…Vladimir? Can I ask you something?"

"Hm? Why yes, anything."

"…do you believe in magic?" You whispered, scared of what he would say.

Vladimir suddenly laughed, shaking you slightly as his chest rumbled. He looked down at you, and his wine colored eyes seemed to glow as he grinned widely, and two very pointy fangs glittered in the moonlight.

"…why yes I do, (name). Yes I do."

Days passed. Then weeks. Months. Years. Vladimir was your best friend—your only friend. No one else could see him. No one but you. He was your special friend, and you loved him very much. However, as you grew older, your parents became…angry…at the way you would always speak of your friend Vladimir. He wasn't real, they told you. He didn't exist because no one else saw him. And he always told you not to listen to your parents—therefore, he was a bad man.

But you didn't think so. Because Vladimir told you he was doing everything to protect you. And Vladimir never lied to you.

And saying so would always result in a black eye, bruised cheek, or worse from either your screaming mother or roaring father.

By the time you were sixteen, you realized just how lucky you were to have Vladimir. He was always there with you, no matter where. Well, except for the bathroom of course. But he was always at school, helping you ignore the jibes and taunts of the other kids around you. He was always with you at home, protecting you from the harsh treatment of your parents. You also learned that he was from the country of Romania, and, well…you had a suspicion there was more to him than he let on.

You didn't care if he wasn't real to anyone else. He was real to you, and that's what mattered.

"Vladimir," You yawned as you stirred awake, smashing the off button on your alarm clock as it blared annoyingly. "Good morning…"

The strawberry blonde next to you whined, burying his face further into the pillows. "Don't wanna get uuuuuup…" He mumbled.

You rolled your eyes, poking his cheek. "Yeah, well, I don't want to go to school. But we both have to do things we don't want. So wake up."

Vladimir groaned and lifted his head, blinking bleary red eyes at you. "Meanie…I was having a nice dream too—"


You flinched, paling rapidly at the screaming of your father, swallowing. You and Vladimir met one another's gazes, and he gave your hand a squeeze. "…I'll be there. Don't worry," He said gently, giving you a soft smile. You nodded shakily and stood up, wondering just what your parents wanted now.

You stepped into the kitchen lightly, refusing to show your fear as you stared defiantly up at your parents. They were both fuming, looking absolutely livid, and your mother was holding up a piece of paper.

An email from a teacher. A teacher who had called you out on talking to Vladimir. And when you had insisted he was real, and the teacher had insisted he wasn't, well…let's just say things hadn't been pleasant.

"You're still talking about that fantasy?" Your mother growled. "Vladimir is NOT real, (name)! He was just an imaginary friend you created when you were younger—you need to fucking GROW UP!"

"This needs to stop," Your father hissed. "This is why you don't have any friends! This is why you're such a worthless piece of shit! This is why you should have never been born!"

At the last words you flinched, but otherwise remained collected, as was your custom in these situations.

"You're both wrong. Vladimir is real. And he's the only one I need."


You gave a little smile. "Kick me out then. Then Vladimir and I will just find someplace else to live."

Your father suddenly roared, and before you knew it he was lunging for you. You merely closed your eyes and waited patiently for the blow that was oh-so-familiar during these fights.

It never came.

Instead your father made a choked sound, and your mother gasped, and you opened your eyes to see Vladimir standing in front of you, blocking your father's hand with his elbow. Both of your parents stared at the strawberry blonde Romanian, who merely smiled pleasantly.

Before shoving your father roughly into the wall with an easy brush of his hand.

"If you ever speak to my (name) like that, I shall kill both of you," Vladimir said in a dark tone, one arm sliding around your waist as his eyes burned with a bright scarlet fire. They were almost like rubies, glittering with protectiveness and anger. His handsome face was twisted in a snarl, and he emanated a dangerous aura about him.

"You say she's the useless one? YOU'RE the useless parents who never had time to appreciate her. You were always too busy or didn't care. I've been with her for ten years…and I've seen your cruelty. So don't act all high and mighty…or else I will carved out your hearts with my fingernails and feed it to the crows."

Your parents shook when Vladimir hissed, showing his sharp fangs, and then suddenly he was scooping you up into his arms and dashing out the door without another word. He sprinted faster than the wind, almost, and you clutched his coat tightly as you held on for dear life, (e/c) eyes wide and (h/c) hair whipping around in the breeze. At last Vladimir halted, and you found yourself back at the park in which both of you met ten years before.

Vladimir sighed, setting you down and looking guilty. "…so…you…probably want an explanation, huh?"

You just stared at him, before slowly nodding his head.

He sighed again, slumping. "…I'm a vampire. The day I met you, I was going to drink your blood. But…when I saw you, I just couldn't…" He stared at his hands in dismay. "…I wanted to protect you. And so I told you I would be your friend. And (name), I never lied about that. I am your friend, and I always will be. The reason no one else could see me…was because I was using my invisibility at all times."

Somehow none of this surprised you. You just merely smiled, and grabbed his hand, squeezing it. "…I kind of figured. I'm not dumb, Vlad, and…well…I'm the weirdo who likes all of that stuff, remember? So…it's okay. You were here to protect me all this time, to be my friend, and that's what matters most. So I forgive you. Because, Vlad, I love you." You pressed your face against his chest, hugging him tightly. "…I've loved you all this time…"

Vladimir stiffened somewhat, before his arms slid around you, embracing you tightly. He buried his face in your hair and took a deep breath, giving a little content sigh. "…Te iubesc, (name)…I love you too…"

"Good," You whispered, leaning up and kissing his cheek, smiling gratifyingly. "But this doesn't mean you get to snack from my neck anytime soon…how were you getting blood anyway?"

Vlad looked sheepish, blushing a little. "…I'm a Strigoi vampire. That means I'm stronger than most, because I was born one. I can go for weeks without blood if I want. But normally I'd sneak away while you were sleeping, find a random person, and take what I need…"

"Good boy. As long as you're not slaughtering people in masses, I don't really care what you do. Now…" You smiled, wrapping your arm around his and leaning your head against his shoulder. "How about we go find a place of our own? I'm sure with your vampire skills, that won't be too hard!"

He smiled a bit, nodding and kissing the top of your head. "…right. That sounds like a good plan. But (name)?"


"I'll have you know that for the past couple of years, since you're going through puberty, once a month I get very aroused because you smell very good for an entire week."



"…you're not allowed to sleep with me anymore."
And so ends my weekend of posting random oneshots.

This...oh God I don't even know. It was supposed to be depressing and angsty but then my mind was like "NO IT MUST BE FLUFFY AND HAVE A GOOD ENDING IT IS ROMANIA GODDAMMIT."

Because I love Romania.

So...I know this is kind of confusing...but yeah. Basically Vladdy was stalking you as a kid one day 'cause he was hungry, and then he felt bad, so he was like "I HAVE A GREAT IDEA I'LL BE HER FRIEND" and then stuff happened. And everyone thought he was your imaginary friend. Nope, just turns out he was a sexy badass vampire who slept with you every night and cuddled you all you wanted. :D

...and by that last bit yes I'm talking about periods Vladimir just doesn't know what they are because he can be dense like that. XD

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SweetNothingsForYou Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Writer
This was beauteous~

And that ending~ *waggles eyebrows*

Poor Vladdy, so uneducated about the female cycle...

The only problem is when I'm on mine he would easily be able to tell because I just curl up into a ball of self loathing and chocolate cravings, and bleed painfully for a day or two, then go back to normal.

It is most certainly not pretty in any way.


And this did not "suck" as you said, it was quite lovely, my dear.
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Holy shit I started puberty in 3rd grade omfg vlad why are you up in my shit
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1) I LOVE IT, how come i find it only now :(
2)"…right. That sounds like a good plan. But (name)?"


"I'll have you know that for the past couple of years, since you're going through puberty, once a month I get very aroused because you smell very good for an entire week."



"…you're not allowed to sleep with me anymore."

hahahaha i cant stop laughing/giggling cos of zat!!
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